Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The ugly truth about ufology

This week’s post, exceptionally, has been graciously hosted on two RRRgroup blog sites. It can be found at either:



Also, I will be taking a break for the month of August, resuming posting in September.

Lastly, I would like to invite people who might be interested to contribute a text (short or long) to Parasociology, or simply to provide comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism to contact me at: parasociology@gmail.com.

I will continue to monitor my e-mail during the month of August.

I wish you all a good second half of summer!!!


mustavaliq said...

Congratulations on your most interesting blog. Allow me to recommend three relevant books:
'Daimonic Reality' by Patrick Harpur.
'Miracle Visitors' by Ian Watson.
'A Brief History of Everything' by Ken Wilbur.

Eric Ouellet said...


I have Watson's book already, but never read it after I discovered it is a novel. But novels are sometimes useful. I will have a look.



Sue said...

Have a lovely month off :)

Eric Ouellet said...

Thanks Sue! Have a good one too!