Saturday, February 13, 2010

E-mail contact

Just a short notice.

Someone tried to reach me through the e-mail, and the e-mail did not reach me.

If you e-mailed me and I did not respond, it is due to the e-mail account. I respond to all my e-mails. If you experienced this problem, please re-send, or post a comment on the blog to alert me.

Thank you


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Your blog is fascinating and your particular perspective on UFOs and Jung provides a viewpoint I hadn't run across before.

We're authors with a blog on synchronicity that we started a year ago in preparation of a book on the topic. We hope you'll drop by. If you have a synchronicity you would like to share, we would be delighted to post it.

Trish MacGregor

Eric Ouellet said...

Thanks Trish for you comment.

I assume you are aware of Fowler's book on synchronicity, as well as the one by Combs and Holland. If not, there are in bibliography.

Synchronicity is an interesting concept, but it is also a difficult one to work with. Acausality, if not explained is hard to distinguish from coincidence. The only way to explain it is by introducing a higher and invisible dimension where causality occurs. The problem, then, is to demonstrate the existence of such dimension. I hope your book will suggest a way out of this quandry.