Monday, November 15, 2010

That's all folks! - Well, not really

13 May 2011

Dear all,

After discussing off line with a number of people, I decided to get back on. However, I will post not as regularly as I did. There might be weeks where I will have many posts, and then a break for a couple months, depending if I have something to report.



Dear readers,

After debating with myself for quite sometime now, I decided that it is time to put the parasociological project to rest.

As discussed in my post of 26 september 2010 "Parasociology: to be or not to be", the obstacles against the parasociological project are formidable, whether they are epistemological, conceptual, empirical or social. Someone else, more talented than me, will have to pursue this line of inquiry.

I would like to thank all those who provided comments and constructive criticism. I really appreaciated your support.

I will let the blog on for quite a while, so it will remain available for those interested in using the material therein.




N.E. said...

Trop dommage, faut pas se décourager comme ça ! Tes travaux vont finir par percer. Ou alors dans 10 ans tu pourras revendiquer un rôle de pionnier !

J'espère que tu continueras à suivre la littérature...


Eric Ouellet said...

Bonjour Renaud,

Merci pour ton message. On verra bien pour le rôle de pionnier!

La véritable question est celle du temps. Pour faire un travail qui puisse percer il faut y mettre le temps nécessaire, et entre la petite famille et mes colonels il ne me reste plus beaucoup de temps. Il me fallait faire un choix.

Au plaisir,


Lawrence said...


This is sad news. It's precisely because your contributions are so resisted by the mainstream in ufology that they are so important and vital. At least you should think of collating all your posts together, editing them and perhaps expanding on some of them for a book on the subject. Much of the hard graft has already been done in this respect.

Anything worth doing is always going to be marginilized, maligned and misunderstood in our society obsessed with escapism and where the supposed salvation of Enlightenment Science has degenerated into the superstition of scientific materialism, corruption, beauracratization and associated special interests. So it goes. The absurd ridiculous circus and mess that is contemporary ufology reflects on what happens when the vaccuum abandoned by 'respectable' science is filled by those who go to to the other extreme and abandon science altogether.

The middle-ground you have occupied is a lonely place I'm afraid, you don't have much company!

Your blog will be missed.

James said...

This is sad,
considering that I am currently a grad student investigating ufology and scientific demarcation, I find it a personally rewarding subject, but perhaps not pragmatic. I reflect Lawrence's point its difficult to be situated in the liminal..

BusinessKata said...

Sad news, so sorry to hear!