Sunday, August 23, 2015

FINALLY...the book is now available

Deal all,

Thank you for your great patience.

My book is now available and it can be ordered from Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, JPC in Germany and directly from Anomalist Books.

I hope you will enjoy the reading, and please feel free to provide me with your comments and thoughts.

Best Regards,



Susan Demeter said...

Woot! Congratulations :)

Eric Ouellet said...

Thank you! And thank you for being part of making it happen!
Best. Eric

Kandinsky said...

The last new UFO-related book I bought was Dr. Clarke's How UFOs Conquered the World and this will provide an interesting contrast. It might also go alongside Emmons' sociological approach from At the Threshold. Both are good books and come from almost completely conflicting perspectives.

Whatever the case, I've just bought a copy of your book and it'll be sent out whenever copies become available. According to Amazon, you've sold out and that's got to raise a smile on the face of any author.

Lawrence said...

Fantastic, ok need to get it. In a sane world where academia, the social and natural sciences really did live up to their name and heritage, rather than being mired in ideological straitjackets, scientific reductionism, political machinations, careerism, trivia and inane dead ends; this book would be reviewed in 'Nature' and 'Science' and all anthropological, psychological and sociological journals you could think of. Of course we don't live in such a world.

Any UFO blogger who does not acknowledge this book, get round to reading it and reviewing it, cannot henceforth be taken seriously. Then again how many of them can we take seriously to begin with? Great to see a Foreword by Jenny Randles too.