Monday, September 28, 2015

Interview on Coast to Coast with George Knapp

I did another interview about the book, this time on Coast to Coast with George Knapp, in the early hours of today. I also answered a few questions from listeners calling in. I hope you will find the podcast interesting, if you missed it on live radio.


Unknown said...

I did not catch you on Coast to Coast but they send me an email detailing what was said. I started to have poltergeist phenomena happen until I found a video of aliens in my bedroom. Evidently the aliens had me under a hypnotic spell while they let me film them. I believe that they had me do this because they knew I thought I was going crazy. Then I started to think that maybe the aliens weren't physical and then they put a face on my leg which is still there. Then I started to believe maybe they were just interdimensional. So they let me see their huge ship in the sky. You need to rethink your hypothesis. If you want to see some of my videos just Google my name or search for it on YouTube. My name is Ward Weinheimer. I am not a hoaxer. My mother, daughter and I are willing to take polygraphs and do whatever to prove that my story and videos are real and true.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric,
I heard your interview on Coast to Coast Am. What I understood you saying about those who see UFO’s are people who have some sort of psychological issue going on in their life at that time are open psychically to see UFO’s or perhaps it is a collective psyche issue. And, that people pick up others UFO thoughts and visions telepathically and think that they are their own thoughts and visions.

I believe all those ideas about most UFO sightings, but not all. When I first learn that my thoughts, and how I described life internally, AND what I put my attention on was creating my life as it was, I realized that we (society) where recreating the Holy Bible (HB) in real time. I guess approximately a billion people have read the HB and maybe several million read it every day and think about what they read on a daily basis, which in my opinion, adds to the creation of what they read in the HB to real time. And, even though millions don’t read the HB they pick up telepathically what others are reading in the HB adding to the fuel of those words.

This is why I don’t believe that all UFO sightings are creations of others thoughts; I do believe that the HB gives us clues about life. In Genesis 1:2 it say; Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. In my opinion the only way the Spirit could hover is in some sort of space craft. Perhaps this is why many people over time have seen UFO’s, because it is already in our consciousness (DNA) as something we know.
And why I believe that we pick up others thoughts telepathically.
John 1-5 (NIV)
The Word Became Flesh
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He (the Word) was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him (the Word) all things were made; without him (the Word) nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him (the Word) was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

I enjoyed your interview on Coast to Coast Am and your theory why people see UFOs. It resonated with what I know to be true for me. I will omit that it is very hard for me to break my habit of going along with the flow of life as it has been created and create my life the way I want it to be.

Keep up the good work you are doing in parasociology. The more we talk through these issues, the better understanding we have to explain things as they are.

Anonymous said...

HI Eric,

Have you read: Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure In Psychokinesis
by Iris M. Owen
A partial review;
Purpose was strictly scientific. Their goal was to produce a visible phantom generated by their psychic energy. Ultimately in this goal they were not successful. They did however manage to communicate with this invisible entity. A communication system of knock for yes and no communication was set up. Under laboratory conditions this entity moved tables, made knocking sounds and produced other phenomena. Belief and expectation are needed for results. this book will change the way you look at psychic phenomena and the paranormal.

I heard Jon Rappoport talk about this in a workshop. He teaches techniques to expand your imagination similar to how the young scientist conjured up Phillip.

Take care.
P.S. No need to add this to your comments. I couldn't' find an email of yours, so I came to this place to ask my question.

Susan Demeter said...

Super interesting Lisa! I'm a UFO experient and researcher and I like Eric's hypothesis. It does not pretend to be the only and final answer to the UFO problem, but it is simply adding to the conversation something different than the all or nothing its ET or Misidentified. his is what we need if we want to progress the study beyond the rut it is in now. Keep up the great work!

Eric Ouellet said...

Hello Lisa,

I can be reached directly at